About Us

CONNECT Virtual Airlines is a group of aviation and flight simulation lovers, who dedicate hours of their life flying, getting knowledge and doing it with love, seriousness and great pleasure. By signing up, you are encouraging our team to continue working and leaving our Connect Live and Active.
Our goal is to build a great Virtual Company so that our pilots feel proud and willing to be always participating and contributing to our success and growth.
Being a virtual company in continuous search for growth, expanding our aircraft fleet and having recognition of IVAO / VATSIM Virtual Simulation services and pilots in general with our management and work model.

Connect Virtual (CNT) does not follow traditionally overly strict VA rules; Our culture is to ensure your flight learning and safety, and of course your fun, so you can fly whenever and wherever you want! So what are you waiting for ... Fly Connect

We are a non-profit virtual airline and not a real airline.